Thu, Jun 24 2010 01:48

Absender IP:
Absender Name: Rob Name
Absender Skill: Administrator, i run a network of multiple computers
Absender Telefon: 0114445482445
Absender Strasse: 1 Happy Street
Absender Ort: colorado
Absender E-Mail:


You are a fake list...

I love that MANY people I know who run their own domain and do not send out e-mail other than private ones to and from clients (no lists of any kind) are only blacklisted by YOU. I have family in Germany so I will find a lawyer to help me with it this issue.

It's ironic that you allow someone to PAY you to remove themselves. I don't have the money but spammers DO which proves you are a fraudulent list. See you in court!

And I checked my logs, your information is bogus, you can NOT accept information from servers if they do not preform a HELO. I can send spam as and it WILL go through to morons who do not use the HELO command and you shouldn't take logs from these servers. Domain is FREQUENTLY faked and I get thousand of HELO rejections per minute sent to servers all over the world I do not do business with.