Wed, Mar 24 2010 12:36pm
Today we got the first cart00ney from Australia - WOW...
This loser has not even realized that we do not list emailaddresses but compensates that with a big mouth:-)
Such "experts" really deserve to be blocked on sight.

Absender IP:
Absender Name: Glenn Ferry
Absender Skill: Homeuser, i can use Windows and Outlook
Absender Telefon: 61296296808
Absender Strasse: 15 Cattai Rd
Absender Ort: Sydney
Absender E-Mail:


Pending legal action

I am advising you that I am commencing legal action against your company any it's directors immediately from this dat 24th march 2010. I am unduely blacklisted by your unauthorised company and this will not be accepted AT ALL. You will immediately UN or DE List whichever you need to understand in plain english the following email addresses.
No further correspondence will be tolerated with you othert than advice that the above addresses have in fack been removed from your unauthorised listing.
Pending - think about it, seriously!!! and because I am forced to tick the appropriate box does not in any form cause me to not proceed with this legal action.
Glenn Ferry (Director)