11. August 2008 - 09:19 CEST
New ticket #530661 created.
Name: Kenneth Tuytschaever
Email: kt@memorycorp.com
Dept: Support

Absendersystem: 170.14-246-81.adsl-static.isp.belgacom.be
Absender IP:
Absender Name: Kenneth Tuytschaever
Absender Telefon: +32 33553350
Absender Strasse: Santvoortbeeklaan 25
Absender Ort: 2100 Deurne
Absender E-Mail: kt@memorycorp.com
Could you delist our IP address from your blacklist. We had a Trojan problem previous week by opening a mail from Daily Top 10 CNN. The following Trojan has been deleted from our main system W32.Crowt.a@mm.
That was the reason for being recognized as a spammer. All problems are solved now and we don't send any spam anymore true our system.
Remove us from your blacklist in order to continue our business, we are loosing a lot of business because of this. If we are not delisted within 24 hours we will take legal actions to compensate our business losses!! ( Memory Corp )
Best regards,