31.July 2007

A guy which refused to say his name called our hotline today.
Caller ID was: 0041413480311 (Switzerland)

He thinks he can urge us to immediatley unlist his IP which was listed, because someone connected an infected machine inside his insecure wlan, and that machine started spewing lots of spams.

We told him it shows a lack of competence if such things can happen to him.
The answer we got shows that he is learning resistant:

We are not spammers, we just got infected, and that can always happen to everyone.

We told him that can only happen to unprofessional users.

He claimed he has fixed his security gaps now and he expects an immediate delisting because the other 4 lists he was on also removed him immediatley.

We told him that his IP would expire by the end of next monday, or he would be able to do an paid expedited removal now.

His answer was:
Either you remove me immediatley free of charge, or i will talk to my lawyer.

He was told that his IP would end up in the permanent block, if he would continue to play the toon card.

We wished him much fun while doing so and hung up the phone.

It just took about 30 minutes up till the luser opened a trouble ticket on our corporate website and continued the cart00ney game:

Admins WebSecurity Ticket ID 2007731162500
Absendersystem: 62-2-254-201.static.cablecom.ch
Absender IP:
Absender Name: nn
Absender Telefon: nn
Absender Strasse: nn
Absender Ort: nn
Absender E-Mail: nn@nn.nn

Unsere Anschrifts und Personendaten unterliegen gem Art 34 Abs.5 BayMG einer Auskunfts und bermittlungssperre und werden daher nur an Kunden bekanntgegeben. (Behrdlicher Genehmigungsbescheid liegt vor)
Hierdurch sind die Voraussetzungen zur Datensperrung gem 20(5)BDSG sowie 35(5)BDSG gegeben.
Soso, da sind Sie also "Rechtlich" Korrekt. Aber um eine IP Adresse aus der Blacklist von UCEProtect zu entfernen verlangt man 50 was leider in diversen Lndern eher ilegal ist!!
So ein laberbetrieb!
Vorsprung durch Logik - mal schauen ob das auch noch so ist nadem sich unser Anwalt mit dem Thema befasst hat.

As a result of this we have set the never expire flag on